10 Best Roti Makers In India for 2020

Who doesn’t prefer to be served steaming hot, delicate and round chapattis with a feast? I sure do! However, making round, smooth and scrumptious rotis isn’t simple. Long stretches of work go into the cycle, add to the condition the severe summer warmth, and you have ladies who disdain the idea of making rotis. This is the place where a roti producer or a chapatti creator acts the hero give out numerous entirely round-formed, delicate and hot rotis inside merely minutes, settling down anyplace in your home. Sounds like a fantasy, eh? Indeed, it isn’t generally. The market is loaded with roti creators however to assist you with picking the best roti maker , we have done all the examination and difficult work and recorded the top roti maker underneath.
One may wonder, what exactly is a roti maker or a chapatti maker? Who can use the appliance? How safe is it? Well, let’s answer your questions below.
Top 10 Roti Maker In India for 2020 with Machine Price

  1. BAJAJ VACCO 900W “Go-Ezzee” Non-Stick Chapati Maker

One of the most popular and reputed roti makers in India comes from the trusted house of Bajaj Vacco. Not just round and soft chapattis, you can also use it to make khakras, parathas, papads, and even kulchas – making it a multipurpose roti maker.
Benefits: Made of great parts, with a stun evidence body and handles that can withstand high temperatures, it is lightweight, simple to utilize and oversee, accompanies a LED power pointer and an auto shut-off component. The non-stick covering on the tawa and the tempered steel body guarantees that you utilize the chapatti maker for quite a while. It is a minimized and compact chapatti maker , and you can cook hot and delicate rotis settling down anyplace in your home.
Cons: We could not find any disadvantages associated with this product.
Price: Priced at Rs. 1912 online, this is one of the best roti maker machine under Rs. 2000.

  1. MOLO 900W Non-Stick Coated Roti Maker

Another multi-reason and prudent roti creator is the MOLO 900 watt roti maker . The most ideal highlights with a similarly appealing cost are the vital features of MOLO chapatti creator which can likewise be utilized to make khakras, parathas, and papads. A few people have taken a stab at making omelets and chillas as well and have had achievement.

Advantages: The most appealing component of Molo Roti Maker is the value point – it costs under Rs. 1000 and is very reasonable for single guys and understudies. It has a tempered steel body, and the tawa has a non-leave covering with the charcoal completion – it is both safe and shockproof.
Cons: There have been a few complaints regarding the handle, so it’s better to use it delicately.
Price: Affordably priced at Rs. 890 with a year of warranty on the product.

  1. Sunflame RM1 900-Watt Roti Maker

Another smash hit roti creator under Rs. 2000 is from the presumed kitchen apparatuses brand Sunflame. Sunflame has been essential for Indian kitchen since many years now, and with this RM1 900W roti maker , it guarantees that it is a portion of single men’s kitchens also.

Advantages: The standard size roti maker gets warmed consistently and guarantees that roti is cooked altogether from all sides. Highlights, for example, a LED power marker and thermally protected handle make it simple to utilize and safe. The tawa is covered with food-grade non-stick covering ensuring the mixture doesn’t adhere to it. Simple to clean and keep up, it is even the correct decision for wellness aficionados as you can make without oil rotis with it.

Cons: The batter utilized for cooking with Sunflame RM1 chapatti maker should be delicate and marginally wet to get delicate and soft chapattis. It doesn’t give great outcomes with old mixture, so make a new bunch when utilizing it
Price: Sunflame RM1 Roti Maker machine is priced at Rs. 1754 and also carries one year warranty with it.

  1. Eagle Electric Roti Maker

Spare time, power and your energy with the too moderate chapatti maker from Eagle. Bird Electric roti maker costs not exactly a 1000 rupees and makes excessively delicate rotis overly fast – in less than a moment. No big surprise this is outstanding amongst other selling roti maker s in India.

Advantages: It has a strong shockproof body and treated steel external material creation it sturdy and safe both. Uniform warming over the tawa guarantees appropriate cooking of rotis. With a strong handle, it is anything but difficult to utilize and gauges light. The neon light marker tells you when the roti got cooked. The double warming element warms both the top and base plates for cooking.

Cons: The measurement of the tawa is tiny contrasted with different contenders. So you will most likely be unable to make omelet or khakras in this roti maker .

Value: The roti creator machine is evaluated appealingly at Rs. 999(originally Rs. 2499), making it entirely moderate for single individuals and understudies.

  1. Baltra BTR-201 900-Watt Magicook Roti Maker

In the event that you are searching for a roti maker from a brand that is prestigious for its sturdiness and progressed highlights, at that point Baltra’s BTR 201 Magicook Roti Maker would be an ideal decision. The brand has a standing, and it firmly advocates its trust by its customers with this inventive item.

Advantages: With a double plate warming framework set up, rotis are cooked quick and equally from the two sides. A programmed heat marker light tells you when it is hot and when chapatti got cooked. A hearty treated steel body guarantees toughness and the non-stick covering is durable. Indoor regulator control is another appealing component that makes it the best roti creator. The trust of the brand draws numerous individuals towards the item.

Cons: Availability may be an issue, all things considered with most Baltra items. You may need to chase this one down explicitly!

Cost: Online, it is evaluated at Rs. 1395 alongside one year guarantee on the item.

  1. Jaipan JDRM-901 1000-Watt Jumbo Roti Maker

Another brand that is found in most Indian families is Jaipan. Kitchen apparatuses from Jaipan have been reliable with quality, and this has made it one of the most confided in brands in the section. Jaipan’s JDRM-901 is a 1000 watt roti creator – not at all like the 900 W working roti maker s by the opposition. Make puffed up, delicate rotis inside no time with this overly strong chapatti maker .

Advantages: The top notch treated steel is utilized for external plates and the inward plates are covered with German innovation non-stick covering. The item can be effectively cleaned. The body is strong, the lodging is, and you get a versatile handle to lift the top plate. A cool-contact handle is utilized to press the batter ball, and it spreads equitably on the tawa. A force pointer light tells you when it’s working. A 10-inch width of the tawa is additionally a serious alluring element.

Cons: It takes around 6-7 minutes to warm up. In the event that the mixture isn’t new, the rotis here and there are thick.
Price: Own your Jaipan JDRM-901 Jumbo Roti Maker for Rs. 2250. The product comes with a one year warranty as well.

  1. Hilton Roti Maker (Multi-Utility) With Stainless Steel Lid

A multiutility roti creator that can be made to get ready dosas, omelet, papad, khakra, and chilla. You can even utilize it to sauté vegetables or set up some all alone.

Advantages: The best piece of purchasing this roti maker is that it isn’t level from the sides, however has a bended edge that forestalls fluids like egg player from dropping out. This makes it ideal for single individuals and lone wolves who are searching for something that can accomplish something beyond making chapattis. Additionally, it has a force marker just as a green pointer that tells you when the roti maker is prepared to utilize. Simple to perfect too – because of the non-stick covering. You can wipe the chapatti creator with a perfect fabric. The body is solid and shockproof, and the top is another appealing component of this.

Cons: We could earn from Hilton roti maker surveys that it requires some investment to warm than different brands. By and by, when it gets warmed up, it keeps up the warmth and cooks equally.
Price: Priced at Rs. 2490 online, buy it if you are looking to get something that does multi jobs as a chapatti maker.

  1. Pigeon by Stove Kraft 12376 900-Watt Roti Maker

Pigeon is the leader brand of the main kitchen apparatus and cookware brand Stove Kraft offering a wide scope of current and creative kitchen items. The 12376 900 watt roti maker from Pigeon is another must-have item in your kitchen that will facilitate your life, particularly on the off chance that you are a single man and need to make rotis without issue.

Advantages: With a brushed tempered steel lodging, a force marker and a prepared to-utilize pointer, a reduced look and simple to utilize highlights, this is extraordinary compared to other roti creators that you will go over at an alluring value point. The plates are non-stick covered and can be cleaned off effectively with a fabric after use. The string gets wrapped up rapidly for capacity. It tends to be effortlessly put away even vertically, taking next to no space in your kitchen.

Cons: The width of the tawa is 8 inches – which might be little for individuals used to having enormous, round rotis. It needs the delicate, clingy batter to plan the perfect roti for you.

Cost: Affordably valued at Rs. 1430, it accompanies a one year guarantee and makes a decent purchase.

  1. Eveready RM1001 900-Watt Roti Maker

Next on the list of best-selling roti makers in India is the Eveready RM1001 900 that has amazing features and a great price point. A versatile roti maker under Rs. 2000 with a host of features and good reviews, you can look to add it to your kitchen for both ease of cooking and comfort.
Benefits: It has a non-stick coated plate for healthy and hassles free cooking experience. A user-friendly lever, comfortable lift handle, a power indicator with in-built thermostat for safety are some of the features of this roti maker. The base is broad and is suitable for making theplas, khakras, and uttapams. The dual heating element making the cooking process faster and you get perfectly cooked, puffed and fluffy rotis in no time.
Cons: It takes time to heat up, and you need to place new and soft dough balls for getting perfect chapattis. Patience, as they say, is a virtue.
Price: It will cost you Rs. 1800 with a 24-month warranty on the product.

  1. Libra Athena Roti Maker

Last but one of the popular roti makers in the market is the Librs Athena, roti maker. From a start-up, this roti maker has quickly gained a loyal customer base because of good make and attractive features, all at a good price point as well.
Advantages: Make chapattis, parathas, khakras or cheelas in this multi-utility roti maker and don’t stress over working hard. Not only for homemakers, this is an ideal item in any event, for lone rangers and elderly folks individuals. Sheltered and helpful to use with no problem of putting away, energy-productive and a non-stick surface that can be cleaned effectively are some different highlights. Safe Bakelite handles make utilizing it all the simpler.

Cons: As it is with some other roti maker , a decent roti relies upon the delicateness of batter and how well the ball is put in, alongside whether roti creator is sufficiently hot. Adhere to guidelines to get wonderful rotis in practically no time.

Cost: At Rs. 1499, you can get back this flexible and best roti maker and make your life simpler.

What Is A Roti Maker/Chapatti Maker?

An electronic little kitchen machine, a roti creator or a chapatti maker does precisely what it seems like – it makes moment hot rotis without the need to trudge in the kitchen for quite a long time. Weight and warmth are the two standards it works. You have to put the batter patty at the middle, delicately press it from the upward top giving it a pleasant round shape. The lower plate works like a non-stick tawa, and you include entirely round chapatti inside minutes.

Not exclusively is cooking rotis in a roti maker a wreck free, bother free, sans sweat, and tranquil experience, it is likewise a superb choice for individuals who love rotis yet can’t set them up standing and moving them. Lone rangers may discover it especially helpful also.


So this was our painstakingly created rundown of the best roti creator in India. Get one on the off chance that you can’t roll rotis for at all explanation. Not just unhitched males, homemakers and more seasoned grown-ups too can profit by this imaginative item. Comes helpful when you have numerous individuals over and need to make a ton of rotis. We propose you pick one of the above mainstream roti maker s and fail to remember making chapattis being an overwhelming assignment.